Influencer Ecosystem

Influencer marketing creates word-of-mouth advertising using people that are trusted in certain circles. With this strategy, influential people are building up your image in the minds of their followers.

How does it work?

Create a brand profileMake your Brand appealing for Influencers to talk about.

Launch campaignSelect the most relevant Influencers and inspire them to create content for your brand.

Monitor the activityApprove the created content and manage the campaign in real-time.

Measure performanceGet in-depth reports and build your Influencer Marketing experience.

Keepface Campaign Management Software

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Create your custom campaign in just a few steps and collaborate with great Influencers closely aligned with your Brand. Our user friendly platform allows you to get Influencer Analytics, Campaign Management, Influencer Database, Performance Dashboard, Exportable Reports.

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Content Creation

Using generated content can help to enhance purchase decisions

Influencers are generally considered to be knowledgeable people who are experienced at detailing how a specific product should work. Recruit Influencers to create authentic content with your brand and win new customers.

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Content Creation
Content Distribution

Content Distribution

Engage in other communities

When we talk about social marketing, we automatically think of the audiences that we’ve built ourselves. We’re quick to forget about the thousands of communities already out there with engaged and active users with whom you can build influence and drive toward your own content. Use Pages & Groups to share your content.

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Ongoing ambassadorships

Brands mention ambassadorships as the most effective use of influencers.

Transforming your passionate customers into your company’s marketing team might sound crazy, but just might work — especially when those customers happen to be Influencers with active auditory and expertise in the field. Long term exclusive Brand-Influencer relations always bring certain benefits such as consistency in communication and deep knowledge about products of the Brand. Brand Ambassadors are in effect paid spokespeople for the brand.

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Brand Ambassador


We work with the most creative influencers across all social media platforms.

Singers, Actors, TV & Radio presenters

Celebrity endorsement attaches the fame of a celebrity to a brand or product. With this strategy, you are getting people who are idolized to associate themselves with your product so people want to buy it. Celebrity endorsements are meant to be seen, heard, but not interacted with. Communication with the celebrity runs one way as a single message leveraged on a platform, like a television broadcast, meant to reach as many people as possible.

Bloggers, Trainers, Journalists, Photographs

Brands are looking to leverage their creativity first, then audience. Creators are talented people who built audience mainly in Social Media through quality content they create. Within few days, these amazing people can create authentic, engaging and professionally thought content.

Experts, Executives, Analysts, Authors

Industry experts, analysts, socially active people who have auditory limited with their real and virtual friends. These community leaders get high engagement rates because of their authority built through personal opinions and expertise. For brands to address niche target groups, Engagers are the best gateway to reach most wanted customers.

Ordinary people

Micro-influencers are useful in distributing content, as well as promoting user actions such as page likes, check ins, reviews, recommendations. Their content organically performing better due to the inherent superior engagement. One that represents the regular customer. He or she does not have a network as large as the networker, but his or her network remains equally important.

Social media pages & groups, Channels

Communities Think of Communities like your media partner. Any quality content can be shared in active communities and boosted inside the channels. Communities are cornerstone of effective Influencer Marketing campaigns in terms of simultaneously reaching different communities with shared interest area. Creators in the communities also can create branded content.

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